Comparison of beauty blogging scenes in Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia


Vietnam is clearly the most developed of the three. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that it also has the most flourishing beauty blogging scene. One of the most popular blogs is Love at 1st Shine. These two lovely ladies make learning about makeup & skin care a true joy with their huge smiles. Another one is The Skincare Junkie. You could say this blogger is the Paula (from Paula’s Choice) of Vietnam, going deep into the science behind skin care. That’s actually one thing that amazes me about Vietnamese beauty bloggers. They seem to be quite sophisticated. Just take a look at this post entitled “Sunscreen: 1/4 Tsp Rule Is Nonsense”. It’s about another post on, which is a site that dedicates itself to the science behind cosmetics. In the original post, the author tried to calculate how much sun screen was really needed to obtain the 2.0mg/cm2 recommended by the FDA. Somewhere, they made the assumption that the surface of the average human face is ~0.60ft2. But that’s wrong (it’s quite a bit less actually) and the Vietnamese blogger somehow spotted this error! Quite the scientists, these Vietnamese girls!
Another blogger I would like to mention is PrettyMuch.Channel. I think she is one of those with the biggest potential. I would like to say the Vietnamese Michelle Phan, but that would be kind of..contradictory? Anyways, I have already seen her collaborating with various brands and she seems to be the one who will be the first to make a living off her blog at some poin in the future.


It’s been only five years that this country has transformed from a dictatorship to a democracy. But it’s developing extremely fast. I started to observe Myanmar Facebook starting in early 2014 and at that time, there was only exactly one beauty blogger, Yangon In My Heart. And to this date, she has remained the most popular blog in the country. At first, she did mostly beauty tutorials, but later she also started to add fashion posts. The second most popular blogger is Phyo Day By Day. Just like most Myanmar women, she is very humble and doesn’t brag about her skills at all. I can tell, though, that lately she has been gaining confidence. She is now collaborating with Nuxe and other brands.
Third on the list would be Khin Poke’s Little Corner. Khin is a student of aesthetic medicine in Malaysia. Besides, she is also a makeup guru, which makes for a good combination! She has some of the most passionate fans who share her posts a lot. Unfortunately, she has not been updating her blog lately, because she is busy with her studies.


Unfortunately, there is not much I can write about Cambodia. I only found about four blogs, all more or less related to beauty and fashion. One is Alice in Angkor Land. It’s a fashion blog written by an overseas returnee. Her blog became popular in less than a year and she told me she already gets paid for some posts. Not bad! Another beauty blog is written by a professional makeup artist, Apple Love. And there is another blog by a Mean Sonyta, a professional model.

Bonus: Laos

I don’t know anything about Laos, but I would imagine it’s around the same as Cambodia. Both are relatively small underdeveloped countries. It will probably take some more time before more bloggers emerge in these places.


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